About Us


At Jonk we aspire to be part of the shift towards a sustainable lifestyle by providing conscious apparel to our future generations. Local manufacturing and ethical trading conditions are something we take very seriously.  

With gender-neutral apparel, we make it easier to pass on your Jonk pieces to family or friends, building a community that cares and strives for a sustainable future. 

We hope you enjoy our apparel!

Jonk goes a step further when it comes to caring. We have a “Klerebank”. This is a common word used in Afrikaans schools in South Africa, where fortunate children can donate outgrown uniforms to less fortunate children. It translates into Clothing Bank. Our concept is focused on collecting contributions from fortunate families and donating to charities supporting young families. 

You can get involved by either donating or nominating a charity of your choice on our Klerebank page.